What 5 signs signal dementia is developing?

What 5 signs signal dementia is developing?

There are more than 46 million people worldwide suffering from dementia. This degenerative condition is characterized by the progressive loss of cognitive function due to the death of brain cells.  Typical symptoms of dementia include:

  • memory loss
  • personality changes
  • trouble speaking and socializing 
  • neglect to maintain personal hygiene

But there are early symptoms that might indicate that a person is going towards dementia. In this article, we will be mentioning five of them. 

Slow Walking

The 2012 Alzheimer's Association International Conference presented a report that suggested that the way you walk can help predict if you will suffer dementia or not. Several studies have suggested a correlation between walking abnormalities and signs of cognitive decline.  Another study found that people with slow-paced walking had small brain volumes, a characteristic of patients with dementia. 

Conversation is no Longer Easy

When a person starts tripping over words, it might be a sign of deterioration. Holding a conversation is no longer easy. They take longer finding the right words to use and they often make errors of speech. All these are not normal signs and can be early signs of onset dementia. 

Abnormal memory Loss

Forgetting where you put the car keys or misplacing your phone from time to time is normal behavior and most of us have actually been through that. But when a person forgets his 10-year neighbor’s friend, or fails to recognize people they constantly come in contact with, this can be an early sign of dementia. 

Sudden Changes in Mood

An increased inconsistency in anxiety levels is definitely not as normal as having certain mood swings from time to time. Being increasingly upset, withdrawing from social events, or constantly appearing distracted are signs to look for. 

Difficulty with Everyday Tasks

Simple tasks such as setting the table, what are the rules of football, or how to put ingredients together for a salad are some of those simple tasks that a person with early dementia might experience. 

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