Wellness at Workplace

Wellness at Workplace

Workplace wellness is the organizational strategy to support sound conduct in the workplace and to enhance health wellbeing that includes strategic scheduling for providing kitchen and eating zones, offering healthy food options in vending machines, holding small gatherings, and providing incentives for participation.

Survey reveals that we require 20 minutes/day of natural sunlight that refreshes us, strengthens joints and bones and builds immune system producing energetic, happy employees minimizing days lost to illness.

2.Fresh air

Verify pipes and vents are clear of molds and dust. Sick Building Syndrome causes illness and lawsuits. When in doubt follow air analysis to enhance indoor air quality.

3.Nutrition and Water

Provide a simple kitchen and bring in personnel to help employees prepare their own meals. Also provide them clean filtered water.

4.Exercise and sleep

There are many ways to get employees moving. Organizing a fundraiser based on sponsoring miles walked or cycled each month can be one. A refreshed employee is a productive one. 7-9 hours of sleep is a job requirement.

5.Culture and training

Provide a workplace with zero tolerance for provocation and harassing which cause depression and reduce productivity. Hold training to enhance their health.

6.Message Boards and Awareness
Introduce employee message boards in lounges specifically designed for health programs. The company can post a message about the working of the programme and urge employees to post their suggestions to achieve wellness goals. Wellness can be improved in the organisation by making the employees aware of the various wellness programme.

The wellness program has been improving health and reducing absenteeism since 2003. Employees indulge in more physical activity, disease management and better eating habits. Healthcare and absenteeism costs have been decreased as a result of the program. Employee morale has also increased since the program was implemented.




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