The Physically Disabled Can Go Scuba Diving Too!

The Physically Disabled Can Go Scuba Diving Too!

Scuba diving is under water diving where the diver uses Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Scuba) to breathe when he is under water. This form of diving is not similar to other form of diving where you reply either on breath-hold or on air pumped from the surface. The divers here carry their own source of breathing gas. This gas is normally compressed air which gives them the freedom of movement. The scuba diving gear can be open-circuit in which the exhaled air is expelled through the surrounding or can be a closed or semi closed circuit re-breather. The scuba diver moves underwater by using fins that are attached to their feet. Alternatively, the can use an external diver propulsion vehicle or a sled that is pulled from the surface.


Some people engage in Scuba diving for their love of the beautiful reefs and the marine life and for others it is for the thrill of discovery deep inside a wreck or a cave. Scuba diving can be started by kids as young as 8 years old. They have different programs that teach them safety in shallow water aimed specifically for young children.

In order to scuba dive, you need to have a good health. It does not mean the person has to be super fit but they should not be having any serious medical problems. Before you join the course, there will be a medical questionnaire which will be later assessed by a medical doctor. Scuba diving can be done by physically disabled people also. Most of the instructors undergo training to train physically disabled divers.


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