How are you caregiving?

How are you caregiving?

Montefiore's Caregiver Support Center helps people to vent and describes this disease as a course that is palpable. It is easy to tell someone to take break and it is really important. The caregivers realise that you can take break at regular intervals, feel reenergised and invigorate to get into your role. Whomever it may be – professional, friends and family, it is necessary to listen to the caregivers more closely. The support of the caregivers should not intrude your territory and it is not about only his or her domain. It is about both the philosophical quandary and the practical one. 

Having presence and bearing witness has been undervalued. The urge of offering solution and fixing things when some unwanted things happen upsets the situation and it is an important nature of human beings. The health care experts, family and friends are more conscious and receptive and they can express themselves freely. Offering one’s own values and ideas can bring down an individual’s ability to share what they are going through. Without being unkind or empathic, the activities that you carry out can make the caregiver feel less alone.  However, this concept cannot be generalised. 

Often people don’t understand how to do these activities. You should involve the caregiver in such a way that you don’t feel isolated. This interchanging power does not take place in any designated spot. It can happen anytime and anywhere – elevators, grocery shops, etc. In these ways, your problem can be resolved easily. 


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