Five of the worst processed foods you should avoid

Five of the worst processed foods you should avoid

Because we live fast-paced, stressful lives, more and more people are turning to convenience foods. Despite the fact that these types of foods are convenient and really tasty, the truth is that processed foods are extremely harmful for our body. Here are the five of the worst processed foods you should avoid as much as possible.

1. Processed Meats
If the meat you are about to eat suffered anything else than cutting and grinding, it is processed. For example, pre-packaged, cured or smoked meat, such as bacon, or sausages are all processed. Now, besides gaining weight, eating processed meats means that you are “treating” your body with sodium nitrites or nitrates, which are linked to cancers and premature deaths.

2. Stick Margarine
We tend to think that when compared with butter, a stick of margarine is a healthier choice. However, the truth is that neither of them is healthy. Both contain saturated fat that has been proven to cause heart clogging. Furthermore, margarine is even more dangerous because it has trans fat, which raises LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL (good cholesterol). Also, margarine has been linked to a greater risk of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke.

3. Frozen Meals
Frozen meals, in most cases, come with ingredient lists covering the entire package. What’s most important is that most of these ingredients can't be even recognized, let alone pronounced. They are filled with harmful ingredients, such as sodium, artificial ingredients, fat, and preservatives. In addition, they usually have a small percentage of vegetables or fruit, which is not even nearly enough to cancel out the damage of the other.

4. Soda
Soda is already infamous for filling your body with a huge amount of empty calories, and causing weight gain. However, that is not the only danger that comes with sodas. In fact, soda has been linked with doubling the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and pancreatic cancer development.

5. Refined Grains

Unlike original whole grains, which are filled with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, refined grains have all of these removed during processing. You should limit the intake of refined grain products, such as white rice, bread, and pasta, white flour tortillas, donuts, cereals, cookies, and pastries. They can increase inflammation in your body by elevating triglycerides.


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