Lip injection warnings

Lip injection warnings

Having thick lips is a trend and it is probably not going away. From the emergence of smarter injectable filler to the "Jennerfication" of lips, the standard for lips remains thick and sexy. This is basically because thick lips make your face look younger and even improve the application and the appearance of makeup.

Out of this craze, the lip injection movement has emerged, with lots of women parading towards clinics to get their lips pumped. There are some side-effects of this practice that you either have not heard of or do not want to hear about.  Either way, it is important that you know them to know if the risks are worth the results and cost. 

Expert dermatologists state that if you use a substance to pump up your lips to their maximum size, you are making the tissue that makes your lips expand to their elastic limit. When the substance that you used degrades, your lips will not get back to their normal shape but they will instead sag, leaving you in worse shape than before. 

If you add too much of any filler, you might also interrupt the normal blood flow to the lips and the region around them.  You can also suffer some infection or inflammation around your lips.  Other risks include bleeding disorders, facial nerve disorders, diabetes, or even multiple allergies. 

Most doctors will agree then that not every woman is a candidate for lip pumping. Because of the points expressed above, lip augmentation is recommended to women with thin lips.  At least the risks tend to diminish in those cases as there is minimum risk of affecting normal blood flow and innervation. 

If you are infatuated with the idea of getting your lips pumped pay attention to your doctor and have him walk you through the substance he will be using. Ask if you can easily reverse the effect if it is not what you desired.   

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