Movies that changed the fashion forever

We all love watching movies, it's because they relax us, or we want to find a deeper meaning in them. There are those who have changed a lot of things in the world with their influence, and some of them changed the fashion forever. Since then, nothing is the same. As we mentioned before Audrey…More »

The Best Handbag Trends from Spring Summer 2015 collections

With mood for spring setting in officially, the time has arrived to find the trends that are worthy of investment. Check the best handbag trends of Spring Summer 2015, decoded right here!High on style with circular bagsStarting with pouches, clutches to moving ahead with full handbags and coin…More »

Extensions For Eyebrows Making A Splash

You read that right – forget extensions for the hair on your head, women are now delving into the new trend of eyebrow extensions. More and more models have been hitting the runway (and their everyday driveways at home) while sporting thicker, fuller eyebrows. The fashion industry has taken…More »

How to Look Stylish in College

To be in college is the most wonderful experience as these are the carefree years of your life when you can do as you choose without worrying about the consequences. College going students have to be careful about how they look in order to come across as pleasing and desirable to their peers. To…More »

Manage Hair in Monsoons

When the monsoons arrive, the weather is undoubtedly one of the best with soft breeze and trees painted a different color of green. However, this also the weather which spells disaster for hair and can mean frizzy locks and unkempt look due to flattened hair.Here are some tips that will help you…More »