What’s new from Versace?

Every fashion guru dreams about having an outfit by Versace, but not many can afford it. Even so, it is worth the investment. Versace is one of the most (if not THE MOST) famous designers of all times; when you want to find out what piece to wear next season, you take a look at the new collection.…More »

Style Tips to Look Your Best at Work

For the average person, dressing for office is a tiresome chore, rather than a means to make an impression at work. The manner in which you dress and the style and cut of your clothing could have quite a bearing on how you're perceived by coworkers. Here are some basic, useful style tips you…More »

Must Have Summer Bags for 2015

Summer 2015 is going to be perfect year to experiment with your handbags. From satchels to sling bags, from envelopes to totes, there’s a time for every hand bag to come out this year. So let’s see. Sling Bags Slings are again going to be popular in 2015. It is so because they are…More »

Tips for Celebrity Looks within your budget

Most of us want to look like celebrities but fear from our routine budget .However, here we would advise certain tricks and Tips which you can adopt to be like celebrity without misbalancing your monthly budget. First thing is read magazines on latest fashion trendsand try to notice the styles…More »

Hairstyles for women with long, blond hair

Every person has his or hers favorite blonde. She can be a celebrity or a friend, but it is important that every person like some blonde. I believe that many people like you as well. If you want to change or improve your hairstyle, good news. There are many hairstyles for blonde hairs, so all you…More »

Movies that changed the fashion forever

We all love watching movies, it's because they relax us, or we want to find a deeper meaning in them. There are those who have changed a lot of things in the world with their influence, and some of them changed the fashion forever. Since then, nothing is the same. As we mentioned before Audrey…More »